Discover the mesmerizing world of a site-specific installation artist whose stunning creations leave an indelible mark on the spaces they occupy.

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Introducing Mosholder Studios
A studio with a mastery of large-scale, site-specific art installations.

Mosholder Studios is an art studio founded by Megan Mosholder that is dedicated towards realizing her creative vision. Megan and her team work closely with clients to create unique and dynamic installations that respond to the specific site and context.

Drawing on her academic background and professional experience in art and sculpture, Megan Mosholder brings a truly multidisciplinary approach to her work. She and her team combine these elements to create immersive and visually stunning artworks that explore themes such as community, identity, and the environment

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At Mosholder Studios, we're passionate about creating unique and transformative site-specific art installations. Our featured work highlights some of our most exciting and innovative projects, each designed to engage and inspire audiences in their specific context. From large-scale public artworks to intimate installations for private clients, each piece embodies our commitment to collaboration, innovation, and excellence.

Luí na Gréine
Window of a Sunset
Ad Astra
Terminus II
Trial by Fire
A message from the artist
Megan Mosholder

Although trained as a painter, I have largely worked as a site-specific, sculptural installation artist. My education has inspired me to study light and use it as a medium in my sculptural work. I believe this is a natural progression: throughout history, painters have chased the light, trying to perfect its depiction in their two-dimensional works and replicate what they see in real life. Studying painting throughout the years has made me want to push the boundaries of what, according to art history, is a dead art form.

Recently, my fascination with working with light as a medium has included the gloaming – otherwise known as twilight – a moment in time when the sun’s rays are defused and scattered by the earth’s atmosphere. Twilight is a visually magical time of day, when even the ugliest things can appear beautifully retooled, painted with lavender light and delicate shadows. This obsession with the way light transforms the world around me throughout the day into night has manifested itself in my work through a series of hand-painted, site-specific installations intended to capture and expose the slow beauty of the gloaming.

My artworks are often created out of thousands of feet of white twine brushed with an invisible ultraviolet acrylic. I prefer to build these installations in well-daylit environments, so the viewer can watch the temporal transformation of white twine to glowing neon color: as the sunlight disappears, the black light is activated and the artwork changes from one form to another, mirroring twilight’s magic. The completed piece is a multi-sensory experience intended to engulf the visual senses and reawaken the simple intrigue of looking.

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Why site-specific installation art?

By commissioning a high-end site-specific installation artist to create a custom, permanent installation at your business, you can create a memorable experience, boost your branding, increase customer engagement, foster creativity and collaboration, and of course, increase the value of your property.

Boost Your Branding
Increase Customer Engagement
Foster Creative Collaboration
Create a Memorable Experience
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What is the process?

Creating a site-specific art installation is a complex and collaborative process that requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the site and its context. Here is a high-level overview of the steps we follow to create each installation.

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Transform your space with a one-of-a-kind site-specific art installation by Mosholder Studios. Whether you're looking to enhance a public space, create a signature feature for your business or residence, or engage your community in a meaningful way, we can help.

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